Our Product list:

◘  Plastic Machine Bayonet Thermocouples     and RTD's
*  Type -A
*  Type -B
*  Type -C
*  Type -D
*  Type -E
*  Type -F
*  Type -G

◘  Spiral Barrel Thermocouple
*  Type -H
*  Type -I
*  Type -J

◘   Mineral Insulated Elements
◘   Standard Thermocouple Alloy Conductor       Combinations
◘   Temperature Elements Thermocouples /       RTD Assembles

◘  Probe Selection Guide
◘  Color Codes for Thermocouple Extension       and Compensation Cable

We can make any type of Flexible Thermocouple, RTD'S, Single, Duplex and triplex as per customer specification and also make MGO Thermocouple 1.0mm dia to 19.1mm dia.



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